, by Fuzzy Wobble
When people ask me what genres of music I like, I say "music videos". This is an unexpected answer, and leaves people a bit annoyed – but I believe, with this project, I can explain why.
Growing up in rural canada in the '90s and never having an opportunity to travel or have exposure to other cultures. The library didn't have shit. And the magazine selections were limited to just USA and Canada. There was however, one television network that did give me a rare and enjoyable glimpse into the outside world. That network was called Much Music.
First, I must clarify, we did not have MTV in Canada and I know nothing of MTV. Much Music was strictly Canadian. But I imagine, maybe at some point in the early '90s, Much Music Canada and MTV may have had a similar disposition – that being a relentless commitment to music on television.
Commiting to 24-7 music television is ambitious. In order to keep content fresh, (some lucky person at) Much Music travelled the world collecting content as there simply way not enough available locally.
I remember these music videos brilliantly showcasing youth-culutres and sub-cultures from countries that, at the time, felt lightyears away. Much Music wasn't just looking to USA for content, but rather, all over the world.
Even today on YouTube, with instantaneous connection to millions of videos, I still stuggle to find such a wildcard collection of music videos as was featured on Ed The Sock's "Fromage" (cheese) program.
So I created this project as a nod to the beauty, curiosity, and rawness that once was music television. I will continue to add videos until the collection reaches ~100. Enjoy!
Here is the video collections as of Aug 2018: